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we may be talking about snow here locally. phone shallly thunderstorms. i'll be back with details in just a few minutes. >> they want to hear that. one resort opening this weekend, nannette miranda joins us with more. nannette? that is hoping to open this saturday. that would be a reopening. skiers and snowboarders got a teaser only for the snow to melt when warm temperatures set in. this storm could keep resorts sop. -- open. flurries greeted visitors. skiers and snow boarders able to play in man made snow.
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further north, opening day will have to wait longer. first storm that blew through gave people a teaser with a couple resorts. but then, balmy weather. >> we had really warm conditions. >> last week early snow came, but more didn't come until early january. now a storm is blowing through. the snow making machines fired up. employees stocking up on wood, stores putting out new merchandise for customers. >> it's good to have the door open.v and get the jet stream starting to drop down. getting moisture in the hill. bring temperatures down. get ready for a great season.
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>> boreal is hoping they can reopen on. >>. >> snow guns are running at max. >> we have high hopes for a good year. >> so much ssçc the area is highways under chain controls for now. forecast calls for six to eight inches of snow. boreal hopes people do come up for monday off or long veteran's day weekend hope they can enjoy the new snow. >> an arborist is in critical condition after a giant tree fell on him in the backyard of a home. sheriff officials say a large crane lifted the tree from the ground in the process of moving it. the tree snapped and fell on the man.
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knees critical condition. it's going to be a very cold night for people in storm ravaged northeast. crews worked to restore power after the nor easter leaving 250,000 people without electricity. in new york and new jersey on heels of super storm sandy. >> i don't think so, no. >> after what we went through it's just a little bit of snow. that is it.w÷z÷ >> 750,000 homes and businesses are in the dark down from 8.5 million after sandy hit. >> an east bay woman recovering from a three and a half hour ordeal tonight. and police are looking for two people who kidnapped her. the 57-year-old walking to her car in a parking lot in walnut creek last night, about 7:30 when it hatched. >> she was confronted fwoi men.
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8ñz they caught up to her, blind folded her and bound and gagged her and put her in the back of her own car. >> this woman was released in an isolated section of the oakland hills. a smaller truck was seen leaving the area. police say this sketch is a teenager. the 14-year-old girl said this man grabbed her and pulled her toward a red, newer model dodge ram truck with another man at the wheel. she managed to escape and told her parents what happened. both suspects are described as white whales this, one is clean haven with shoulderql(@e length blond hair. >> one year after pitching tents on the steps of campus building uc berkeley
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demonstrators returned for a rally. they worry about l the process will trickel down to them. we're live with the story. >> hi, dan. well, uc pro testers and students expected to return this evening to stage what they're calling a sleep outo.@ the mood seemed festive. a couple hundred demonstrators marched but the message was a serious0g ] one. two days after voters have proposition 30, these students want to see results where it counts on the campuses and in the classroom. >> this is ridiculous.
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we zeefsh as much money as we can. >> students will see a rebate of $249 by the end of the month, uc students only have a month as promised. >> no tuition increases here. we would like now to have tuition increases next year. >> prop 30 passing is bringing >> demonstrators did march out of the rain but unlike last year's protests so far there have been no tents on the ground or in the air. no violent clashes with police or pepper spray. this time just a plea. for revenues to cool down to them. >> i know that it's
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threatening to be raised and i don't think that is fair. >> i would like to make sure there aren't mass layoffs and make sure there are like, classes that we need, so we're not here for years, like. >> uc police have been úz/6ç key today. we expect that to continue if students do decide to sleep out tonight a9he me they'll continue this approach the key word now they say with handling demonstrations will be patients. -- patience. >> thank you very much. the cal state system considering three fee hikes to help push so called career students out of the door and create new space for new and current students. the hikes aim atd those with enough units to graduate, those who repeat courses and students taking more than a
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full time course load. fees could generate as much as $30 million a year, executives say the point is to open space for those who need it san jose medical examiner identified a woman killed in front of a wall greens store. she was known as the screaming lady. investigators say hughes was on the sidewalk when attacked. police arrested a 37-year-old in connect with her death. he is accused of killing her with a sam you're eye -- samuri sword. police say shootings down in the mission district 10% in october compared to last year. officers say were targeting gun violence, arresting 42 suspects citywide for weapons violations. >> a group of women with major financial backing parent say
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say they're prepared to launch a recall campaign against ross mirkarimi. reporting antidomestic violence advocates plan to make it official. it's the group that campaigned to defeat supervisor christina alahi on tuesday, one of four who voted to give the sheriff his job back. mirkarimi suspended8+following a domestic violence incident involving his wife before he was reintated. >> a federal court judge blocked one of the pro visions in proposition 35, humanvj5 trafficking initiative. u.s. district judge issued a temporary restraining order of pro visions requiring registered sex offenders to give a lift of their internet providers and screen names. american civil liberties union filed suit on behalf of sex offenders claiming it violates their constitutional rights to due process and equal protectioqqíml
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in people it affects, people who pose no more danger to the public than anyone else. >> a hearing going to be heard this month. supporters say they're confident the courts will up hold the decision. >> still to come an educator earning teacher of the year honors. >> the smart phone that is knocking the iphone down a notch. >> then, an area where americans are doing a good job of saving for the future. swus stay with us. abc 7 news continues in just one minute.
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marin county district attorney says it needs more
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time to decide whether three day care workers in connection with the dechblg a baby will face charges an autopsy shows the 4-month-old accidentally suffocated after bedding cutoff the child's airways. the center remains closed. >> the apple iphone knocked off a perch last week. samsung gals lachlsy s 3 outsold the iphone. that is a lot of phones. analysts say part of the fall is that buyers are waiting for the new iphone 56789 shares of apple down almost 2% today. stock is below $550 at this moment, over $700 just a few months ago. :0ñ the company is looking to set up operations where?0s
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>> rebuild, now, donations are pouring in. victims and volunteers posting requests for help, so far,
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donors pledged $2.1 million going to a variety of efforts, everything from rebuilding homes to buying a truck to deliver supplies. >> we had campaigns launched day after day, trying to get organized. and then, we raised $2 million just for efforts. >> you can go to the skpit check out stories and funding needs. now, i posted a link on abc 7 >> there is some good mus for anyone saving for retirement by investing in a 401(k) plan. fidelity investments reports average 401(k) balance has climbed to a record high. 75,9 un. -- $75,900. vanguard reports better news. the average balance of $85,330
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that is the highest since va vanguard began keeping track. now this, story can lay a damper on holiday plans. statistics show san francisco international airport was among the worst ontime, arrival and departure times in the country. the report compares san francisco with 29 busiest airports throughout the country. sfo ranked last for september and second from the last for on time arrivals so far for 2012. departures aren't any better. sfo ranking11yiw 27th. i'm seeing a pattern here. >> looks like we can do better than that you would hope. >> another way you can mention cloud funding. >> great add rice. >> thanks.
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>> this is carbon monoxide awareness week. they're working to make us aware simple dedoctors can save lives. >> and fire departments are banding together to prevent casualtis. >> idea is education is paramount to saving lives. and operation save a live teams up with fire departments in oakland, san francisco and santa clara counties. and and are donated. these alarms last a decade it has a lithium battery lasting 10 years. never needs to be replaced for
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the life of the alarm. >> carbon monoxide odorless and inadvise yichblt causing 500 people to be evacuated from embassy suites this morning. monday, this week, abc 7 launched a carbon monoxide awareness week focusing on fire department and co awareness. >> help is available. >> sometimes, people will take them down. because maybe they're too close to a kitchen so. we give advice on where they can locate them. and won't be a nuisance alarm. >> during course of operation 7 save a live, 3300 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will be given out for free f you're not either of those keep in mind this life saving device costs between 20s skpdz $40.
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>> and if you'd like more information, go to our web site z look under see it on tv. you'll see tips on protecting your family and home. key is being prepared so you can start with us. >> it's simple and important. >> let's talk about the weather. >> feels like winter here.+ámx temperatures fell let's check out a view. you can see snow has been coming down. gusty winds, heavy snow in truckee. blue canyon with freezing rain. you can see snowflakes coming and let's take a look at east bay hills cam rachl we're seeing breaks in cloud cover
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and showers. we expected these to be scattered in nature. i'll show you what it looks gi the cold storm is here. it's lightened up a lit bit now from san jose we're seeing 880 is wet now. sunnyvale, middlefield road. towards watsonville-freedom rain so briefly could n still heavy. looking at radar north we've seen a couple inches so this
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air could be making its way chain controls now in the sierra. it's snowing &oxñ so if you're traveling there it's going to be a tough one. 18 hugts from san francisco, less across the bay area. san jose, zero. now, temperatures at this hour into 50s. some scattered showers through friday. snow is a possibility for local peaks above 3,000 feet. it's a cold storm. you can see it here. speckeled clouds indicating cold air. !s instability to deal wchl the cold air will keep showers in the forecast. we'll see steady showers
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heading into early morning hours. at 5:00 a.m. it's going to be wet and cold. morning. sierra nevada winter weather advisory. up to 10 inches of snow near the crest. so chilly tonight upper 30s down to upper 40s in the warmest locations if youlainz w. scattered showers around the bay you'll need umbrellas. it's going to be a cool day. make sure you have a coat with you. accu-weather forecast frosty, cold morning coming up. dry for the weekend and then
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we'll bring in another chance of showers tuesday, wednesday. >> it's that time of the year. >> thank you. >> and still to come
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orks a sacramento man is the exception to the rule, michael rule won more than a quarter million dollars owe october 30th in the megamillions lottery. the campbell's soup plant where he works is closing. he says he does plan to pay off bills then going to invest the rest of the winnings and i hope you has fun, too. >> a bay area teacher being recognized as one of the best educators in the state. she is a one of five named california teachers of the year. she doesn't just teach kids but work was beginning teach
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dwrorz get credentialed and improve their writing ski
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coming up violent aftermath of the world series and a tragic toll etc. taken and a reveler facing a $1 million vandalism charge and investigating why some senior homes requiring residents to give notice before they die or it will cost them z a pafoff facebook is making to neighbors on the peninsula. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> stay tuned for that. >> world news is coming up nextíl, i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. see you at 6:00.

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